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SECURITY BARS AND QUICK RELEASES: s.sdcpm.com/quickrelease

1: When security bars are installed in a bedroom (on any floor level), a working quick release system is required on at  least one window           in that bedroom

2: This quick release system must be of a type which only requires one fluid motion to disengage the security bars. 

3: This can be a single kick plate, a single lever or any other single fluid motion device.

4: If there is a second door leading directly to the exterior from a bedroom, then a quick release is not required.

5: Quick releases are not required in rooms that are not bedrooms.

6: Quick releases must be accessible by tenant easily, and not blocked by furniture etc 

CALIFORNIA BUILDING CODE 2010 LINK states the following:

Means of escape. Code 12.3-2 4.4

A concept included in building codes that, in most cases, requires sleeping rooms and living areas in dwelling units to be provided with at least one primary means of escape and one secondary means of escape to the outside. 

 Primary means of escape 12-3-2.4.5

A door, stairway or ramp providing a means of unobstructed travel from living spaces inside a dwelling unit to the outside at street or ground level.

CFC Section 1029.4 Emergency Escapes - Emergency escapes and rescue windows, doors or window wells required by the building code for sleeping rooms shall be maintained free of any obstructions, including bars, grates or similar devices which would inhibit egress.

Exception: Bars, grills, grates or similar devices are allowed provided that such devices are equipped with approved release mechanisms which are openable from the inside without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort, the release mechanisms are maintained operable, and the building is equipped with smoke detectors