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WINDOW SCREENS:windowscreens.sdcpm.com

1:Broken screens must be repaired or replaced as per  HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE 17920.3and UHC 504.4  and 601.2 (Universal Housing Code 
2:Missing screens should also be replaced per the above codes unless it can be proven that the windows originally did not require screens when 
   they were manufactured (as per San Diego County Code enforcement June 2014 voice mail message to James Burrell) 
3:Codes regarding window frames :18;24.010 UHC SEC 601.3
4:If the screen type has tracked, the screen needs to be "on track "
5:Screens should be installed securely 
6:If a screen has only one hole , that is so small a fly could not enter, the screen does not need to be fixed (but still a good idea for cosmetic reasons)