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OPEN/CLOSING OF WINDOWS: s.sdcpm.com/windowsopen

1: As per CALIFORNIA DEPT OF AFFAIRS (line K) unless there is a ventilation fan, the windows must be able to open at least halfway.

2:   It varies greatly by window type, how it was manufactured by the distributor, and how it wears over time. As long as all the proper 
       window hardware is installed and in a working condition where the window can open and close securely the force is going to be what it 
       is  going to be.

3: Metal framed windows should roll smoothly enough to be operable with one hand only. The force to operate should be consistent without
    any binding along the track and not require excessive effort to fully latch or unlatch. Frames are pulled apart from sticking and binding          when opening the window requires more force than it was designed to require.