1: is an application we are using for tenants to report maintenance problems and for us to
contact vendors and property owners (rather than sending separate emails /texts, so all the information about
a specific problem is kept in one place to make it easier to manage)

2: Currently, you are set up to receive notifications when a request from a tenant is one of below and you
     will be able to reply to the notification with  any questions/concerns/comments you may have 
A: Received
B: Scheduled
C: Completed

3: You can turn off/on notifications by clicking on the "Manage your notification preferences here" link you will see in the emails you get from (see below

If you disable notifications above you will still get "Chat" messages we send you
4: If we need you to approve a repair we will send you an email too from PropertyMeld

5: There is no "login" for owners for property Meld. You just will get an email or text message/notification to which           you can reply to