1: If paint is peeling, chipping or cracking on a residential property, an EPA approved Lead Renovator must be used for painting/
    renovation work, UNLESS
        A: Property built after Jan 1st, 1978 see also CHANCE OF PROPERTY HAVING LEAD (based on age of property) 
        B: Unit is a studio (no bedroom)
        C: Housing for Elderly (unless children under 6 live or will live there)
        D: The entire property is certified Lead-Free (by certified lead inspector or risk assessor) 
        E: Exterior surfaces where the problem is less than 20 square feet
        F: Interior surfaces where the problem is less than 6 square feet in any one interior room (2 square feet for Section 8 properties
             see S 8 LEAD)
        G: The problem is less than 10% of the total surface area of an interior or exterior type of component with a small surface area
        H: For a specific area that will be disturbed an  EPA approved Renovator used EPA-approved test kit to determine area is lead-free
        I: For subfloors

2: For properties excluded from above peeling paint or unpainted surfaces are not required to be fixed but it is recommended 

3: EPA APPROVED RENOVATION POLICIES/METHODS must be followed by a Certified EPA Renovator only. See also