Items below, whilst recommended by SDCPM  will only be done if approved by the property owner

4: Outlet covers (if poor appearance)

6: Shower Curtain and rod.

7: Towel bar *

8: Toilet roll holder *

9: Window coverings and security bars & quick releases repair or replace as needed.

10: Sinks: Replace if some minor rust that is not a cutting hazard

11: Non-hazardous broken window, glass will be replaced

12: Functional locks. (If poor appearance)
13: Closet doors and poles that are broken or missing will be repaired or replaced as needed

14: Flooring that is heavily worn should be replaced

15: Countertops that need sealing and have burn marks on them

16: Fill gaps around sinks/fixtures

17: Combination Safe code

18: Weatherstrip minor cosmetic defects

20: Fixtures that are a little loose, but not a hazard will be repaired.

21: Blinds/Curtains: If none installed. 

* Install if none exists or if poor appearance


A: bushes, Broken but non-hazardous siding will be repaired or replaced
B: Landscaping should be in good condition with no weeds, trees, bushes, dead grass etc .See also GARDENING/LANDSCAPING