SMOKE DETECTORS :Preventative Maintenance:

1: It is not required to replace working smoke detectors that do not have 10-year batteries unless they are not working, however, 
    SDCPM recommends this is done and that following type of alarms  are installed to reduce the risk of a non-working detector and
    costs incurred in changing non-working regular life batteries

2: If hard wired, for the best protection, interconnect all smoke alarms. When one smoke alarm sounds they all sounds. Interconnection
    can be done using hard-wiring wireless technology.

3: Plastic screws/anchors provided by the manufacturer should be used to secure the alarm to drywall, instead of using regular screws 
    if possible.(when screwing into studs it is better to use screws than the plastic anchors.

4: There are two types of detectors: Ionization response faster to flaming fires and Photo Electric to smoldering fires

5: Never paint the device, use water, cleaners or solvents as they may damage the unit.