LOCKS :Preventative maintenance: s.sdcpm.com/locksprevent

1: SDCPM highly recommends landlord to change/rekey locks and any applicable garage remote codes, for a

new tenant to reduce the possible risks that you might be held liable for as the following examples show.

A: Tenant /tenant's guest/friend or someone they lent a key to, enters the home and refuses to leave or causes damage to the

home whilst it is vacant.

B: New tenant moves in, and someone who was made a copy of the key that the previous tenants lent them steals their

property Tenant may hold the landlord liable if the landlord did not change the locks.

         C: New tenant moves in and is attacked by someone who enters the property in the middle of the night using a copy of a key
  they were given by the previous tenant. A new tenant may hold the landlord liable for damages incurred.

Also KTS attorney wrote:

However, a knowledgeable tenant’s attorney may argue that they don’t protect the landlord from liability, arguing that the landlord was negligent because the landlord didn’t rekey.   California Civil Code §1668 does not allow a tenant to waive his or her rights to recover for losses caused by a landlord’s fraud, willful injury to persons or property, or violation of law, whether willful or negligent.  California Civil Code § 1953 provides that lease terms are void if they purport to modify or waive these rights, or the right of a tenant to assert a cause of action against the landlord which may arise in the future, or the tenant’s right to have to landlord exercise a duty of care to prevent personal injury or personal property damage where that duty is imposed by law. A landlord may be responsible for the criminal acts of third parties in certain situations.

2: If you decide not to have this done, we will notify prospective renters that the locks have not been changed

from the previous residents and this may turn away some potential renters who are concerned about their security.

3: SDCPM charges $85 flat fee(labor and materials) to do this which includes any mailbox lock and up to 4 single

sided doors ($25extra per door if more than 4) 

Single-sided deadbolts are used (see more information about deadbolts)

  See warranty info (note Deadbolt locks are REQUIRED on exterior doors)

4: SDCPM recommends entry locks on exterior doors (those without a deadbolt) are replaced with

passage knobs" that do not have a lock as this eliminates the problem of tenants being able to lock

themselves out of their residence, plus reduces future lock charges as they will not need to be changed

in the future.

5: SDCPM recommends interior bedroom and bathroom doors have privacy locks installed only

(because locks with keys can cause problems/liability when a tenant locks them in/out of a room).

Privacy locks can be opened using a screwdriver, ink pen refill etc, no key is needed)

Our attorney wrote "Unless the rental agreement says otherwise you are not legally obligated to provide

bedroom door locks"

6: For mailbox locks for multi-unit properties it is recommended that the actual unit #'s are added inside not

outside each box (for privacy reasons)

See also Required lock items