LOCKS: s.sdcpm.com/locks


A: All exterior doors are required to have deadbolt locks per Civil Code (excludes extra security doors) & windows to have working locks (see this link)




A: Tenants should be provided a mailbox key if a lock is provided (in addition to keys for any other locks on the property)

B: There is no requirement to install a mailbox lock or change them, when a new tenant moves in but it is a good idea to do so to avoid liability as per KTS attorney advise below

A knowledgeable tenant’s attorney may argue that they don’t protect the landlord from liability, arguing that the landlord was negligent because the landlord didn’t rekey.   California Civil Code §1668 does not allow a tenant to waive his or her rights to recover for losses caused by a landlord’s fraud, willful injury to persons or property, or violation of law, whether willful or negligent.  California Civil Code § 1953 provides that lease terms are void if they purport to modify or waive these rights, or the right of a tenant to assert a cause of action against the landlord which may arise in the future, or the tenant’s right to have to landlord exercise a duty of care to prevent personal injury or personal property damage where that duty is imposed by law. A landlord may be responsible for the criminal acts of third parties in certain situations.

C: For multi-unit properties, the unit # should be inside the box

3: If you would like to receive a copy of the key(s)

4: Just because a key says "DO NOT DUPLICATE" does not mean it cannot be done, eg see AUTOMATIC KEY COPYING

5: If the Deadbolt has a keypad code, it is ok to just provide the code without needing to provide the actual key 

6: It is not permitted to have a hasp, simple bolt, barrel or padlock on the outside of a bedroom door for safety reasons.  See also LOCKS 

7: Before a new resident moves in, they must be provided a working key to all locks on the property where the  lock can be enabled from the inside (for example, a water heater closet door that has a lock, there must be a  key on it to avoid a child/adult being locked in and        not  know how to get out)

8: DOUBLE KEYED DEADBOLTS NOT NOT ALLOWED (except for common area locks)


    A: Preferred vendors are given a master key so that we do not need to pay for them the extra cost of having to pick up a key to enter the property (in an emergency or when approved by the tenant) 

    B: Commercial grade quality 


    Should work as designed including any latch/locks that are installed

See also LOCKS  AND Preventative maintenance: s.sdcpm.com/locksprevent