Below is what we expect gardener to provide with regular recurring service. 

1. Visit twice a month unless otherwise agreed.

2. Remove weeds including those on  the public sidewalk 

3: Cut grass

4: Fertilize grass/plants and other landscaping as needed.

5: Cut back  all trees and bushes that are less than 6 feet tall and provide SDCPM a bid to cut back if 6 feet or higher

6. Remove leaves/other landscaping materials  from roof /gutters that have fallen down from overhanging                       trees/bushes 

7. Remove  immediately from the property all items that gardener cuts from the property 
   (such  as weeds/bushes/grasses/ plants etc) and not leave in tenant's trash can/dumpster 

8: Check any sprinklers (including if backup batteries(if any), are working)  and provide SDCPM a bid to fix if broken.

9: To provide a bid for aeration if needed

10: Provide a bid for the first time, initial clean up (if not included in the regular service) 

11: For single family homes to include all areas (back/front/side etc) and advise SDCPM if tenants are not 
      watering sufficiently 

12: Provide photos to SDCPM at least once a month, to include any animals, vehicles parked on grass and or with no 
     or expired tags or that don't appear to be running (eg missing wheels/doors etc) 

13: Ensure there is no portion of any tree which extends within 10 feet of the outlet of any chimney or stovepipe

14: Cut and remove all dead or dying portions of trees located adjacent to or overhanging any building.

15: Maintain the roof of any structure free of leaves, needles, or other dead vegetative growth.