Applies for following areas:
  • City Heights
  • Linda Vista
  • Logan Heights
  • Sherman Heights
See GRANT PROGRAM for more details.

Mr. Burrell,

In answer to your questions:  of the 8 units in the parcel, the lead grant can go to a maximum of $5,000 per unit, plus $5,000 for common areas, for a maximum total of $45,000 for labor and materials (the grant also covers the cost of lead testing, clearance testing after work, and any necessary temporary relocation separately from the $45,000).   If a particular unit does not have a child under six either residing in the unit or frequently visiting the unit, then any lead work cost required in that unit would need to be covered by the owner.  The $5,000 for common areas would go towards most exterior work.  If no lead work is required in a non-qualifying unit, then the grant would be reduced for that one unit, but the owner would not have to pay for work not needed.  We often find that many families have frequent visitors under six, and the educational staff who work with the tenants attempt to find that, if there are no resident children under six.

Regarding the age determination, it is the age of the child at the time of application.  The eligibility is determined upon receipt of all the applications from the landlord and the tenants, based upon the birth date indicated in the Certification of Child Under Six form.  An application eligibility is determined very soon after all applications are received.  The scope of work and total grant amount is determined later, but the eligibility for the grant is determined up front.

The $5,000 per qualified unit can cover interior and exterior work up to that amount, plus the extra $5,000 for common areas.  Just remember that $5,000 would be deducted from the maximum grant amount for each non-qualified unit (no child under six resident or frequently visiting, or over –income tenant).  The full $5,000 for common areas can be applied to exterior work, but it depends on total cost for the project and how many of the units are eligible and where the required work is to determine what the owner’s costs will be, if any.  If only one or two of four units is eligible we probably won’t do the project.  Until we have those specifics, I can’t give you a definitive answer.

The landlord requirements cover three years after completion of the lead work, i.e., give preference to renting vacant units to families with children under six, or pregnant, not increase rent for first year after rehab, and not raise rents by more than 5% for years two and three.  The requirements only apply to qualified units covered by the lead grant.