1:Fireplaces or chimneys must not  list, bulge, or settle due to defective material or deterioration or be of insufficient     size or strength to carry imposed loads with safety.  Source: California Health and Safety Code 17920 by 8/9

2:Fireplace gas valve keys to be provided to residents

3:Fireplace doors are not required source: Chimney Sweeps Inc April 2016 

5:Types of Fireplace
  Imitation - provides heat and the appearance of a log fire but not for burning wood.
   Prefabricated - for only one log at a time, either a prepackaged self-starting "log" or a regular piece of split firewood started by using the gas log lighter then turning off the lighter
   Masonry - for burning wood only usually started with tinder and kindling and multiple logs are allowed as long as the flames do not extend outside the fire box

6:If a chimney needs to be cleaned, then a professional will, seal off the fireplace, brush all the creosote down, wait until it settles, peel back the plastic and vacuum everything out. In that case, the fireplace itself is cleaned

7: Outside of the fireplace does not usually get too hot, but a masonry paint that is rated for around 200 degrees should work fine. Primer first, then,           paint