EXIT DOORS AND FIRE CODES: rebrand.ly/exitdoors

Operable at all times without a key, special knowledge or effort F1008.1.9 

Minimum dimensions 32” wide, 80” high F1008.1.1 

Open in direction of emergency travel when occupant load exceeds 49 F1008.1.2 

Not concealed with decorations, furnishings, mirrors or equipment F1008.1 

Remove manually operated flush bolts, surface bolts from exit doors F1008.1.9.4 

Unlatching of any door or leaf shall not require more than one action F1008.1.9.5 

Revolving doors requires hinged door within 10 feet F1008.1.4.1 

Provide/maintain landing outside exit door same width as door F1008.1.5 

Main exit door: key-operated lock OK from egress side, lock readily distinguished as 
locked, sign above door on egress side “THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED WHEN