Studio Apartment

In residential real estate, a “studio” apartment refers to a living space where the sleeping area and living area are combined into one central room. There are no other major rooms, only the occasional alcove. If a studio has a kitchen, it is a part of the central room, while sometimes separated by a counter. Some studio apartments have no proper kitchen at all, in which case the tenant usually has access to a common kitchen. Many studio apartments have their own private bathroom, which is usually set off in its own small room. Some share a common bathroom with other studios.

Single Apartment

A “single” apartment refers to an apartment that has a single bedroom. It is also known as a “one-bedroom” apartment. Single apartments usually have a full kitchen, either fully apart from the main living room or separated from it by a counter, as well as a dining area, which is typically an extension of the living room. There is almost always a separate full bathroom. Single apartments may have nooks or occasionally a den, but generally, there are no major rooms other than the living room, bedroom and kitchen.