WINDOW COVERINGS:blinds,curtains:

1: Window coverings not a normally required item*, but are cosmetic only, however, if they are already installed they must work as designed.

2: For vacant units, it is normally cheaper to remove them than repair or replace.

3: SDCPM recommends blinds are installed in all windows, for cosmetic reasons

4: SDCPM assumes window coverings have a 7-year life

5: Corded mini blinds not recommended 

A: Ted Kimball attorney: " The tenant would have to prove that the window coverings fall under the landlord’s responsibility to maintain a habitable unit. Unless the window coverings
     are essential for habitability reasons, the landlord should be able to enforce, but there is no clear ruling or legislation on point."
B: Joe Ortega (ex City of San Diego Code Enforcement officer) "Window coverings are amenities, and are not normally provided or installed by the Property Owner/Manager,                    unless you had a walk thru and reported that they window covers are part of the rental cost- and the rental  deposit is used in the case of replaced of the  window coverings as 
     damaged, if in good conditions at the time of the walk thru inspection., or that you point out, in writing, at the time of the unit inspection and identify that the
     window coverings are the responsibility of the tenant. "
D: Section 8 "In general, as long as blinds are in good repair and the inspector does not feel there is a safety risk they would pass. Be sure the cords are not too long and can be reached by small children, posing a choking risk.(As per email from Section 8 to jb on June 2nd 2021)