EMERGENCY REPAIRS: s.sdcpm.com/911n

1: If we have an emergency repair, we will take care of it and then send you a copy of the invoice so you can see what was  done, by whom  and how much it cost.

2: This is done in accordance with the property management agreement that states:
      "D. REPAIR; MAINTENANCE: Make, cause to be made, and/or supervise repairs, improvements, alterations and decorations to the Property; purchase, and pay bills for, services and supplies. The broker shall obtain prior approval of the Owner for all expenditures over $XXX for any one item. Prior approval shall not be required for monthly or recurring operating charges or, if in Broker’s opinion, emergency expenditures over the maximum are needed to protect the Property or other property(ies) from damage, prevent injury to persons, avoid suspension of necessary services, avoid penalties or fines, or suspension of services to tenants required by a lease or rental agreement or by law, including, but not limited to, maintaining the Property in a  condition fit for human habitation as required by  CIVIL CODE 1941 and CIVIL CODE 1941.1 and Health and Safety Code §17920. 3 and  17920.1