The parkway strip between the sidewalk and curb is in the local authority/City's public right-of-way. The sidewalk is also in the local authority/City's  public right-of-way.

The maintenance of both is the responsibility of the abutting property owners.



Refer to California Street and Highway Code Section 5610-5618 a portion of which is below

5610.  The owners of lots or portions of lots fronting on any portion of a public street or place when that street or place is improved or if and when the area between the property line of the adjacent property and the street line is maintained as a park or parking strip, shall maintain any sidewalk in such condition that the sidewalk will not endanger persons or property and maintain it in a condition which will not interfere with the public convenience in the use of those works or areas save and except as to those conditions created or maintained in, upon, along, or in connection with such sidewalk by any person other than the owner, under and by virtue of any permit or right granted to him by law or by the city authorities in charge thereof, and such persons shall be under a like duty in relation thereto.


5611.  When any portion of the sidewalk is out of repair or pending reconstruction and in condition to endanger persons or property or in condition to interfere with the public convenience in the use of such sidewalk, the superintendent of streets shall notify the owner or person in possession of the property fronting on that portion of such sidewalk so out of repair, to repair the sidewalk.




If you wish to plant in the public-right-of-way, please obtain the appropriate permits and guidance from the Development Services Department. Their contact information can be found here:

If there is a crack or tripping hazard on the sidewalk, the Street Division will patch location with asphalt materials if notified. This measure is a temporary solution to mitigate liability for which the abutting property will need to make permanent repairs. 


Street Division Customer Service 619-527-7500


note from KTS "You do not have control over the public access on the sidewalk any more than any one else would, just the repairs! "