SECURITY BARS (pros and cons)


Barring unauthorized access Acting as security shutters, the bars prevent unauthorized entry. It is not easy to break the security bars and they are designed in such a way that the spacing between the bars obstructs the access. 

Psychological deterrence The mere sight of security bars can send out a message that provisions have been made to ensure the security of the property. This can work as a psychological deterrent and discourage burglary attempts.

 Protecting fragile elements of the facade Any opening on a facade becomes vulnerable since it is a potential point of entry. Openings are often screened with glass which is a fragile material and can be easily damaged. Security bars can protect glazed areas from impact loads, which would warrant repairs and replacement. 

Safety measure for children Openings on upper floors can pose a falling hazard for young children. Window security bars act like a safety measure since they function as a screen. This allows the window to be kept open without the fear of such accidents. 

Ventilation Since shutters for windows may be kept open safely with security bars, there is an opportunity to avail of natural ventilation and enjoy a pleasant day while remaining indoors.

 Cost and Installation The low cost makes security bars a good safety measure for those on a tight budget. Simple installation discounts the need for professional services.


Poor visual appearance 

Designs in security bars face have some limitations and are not as varied as window security grilles. Security bars create a prison-like feel to the property. 

Obstruction to views Some users find that the security bars hinder the views to the outdoors

 Hindering access to firefighters Security bars can be an obstruction for firefighters who may need to gain entry in the event of an emergency.

 Impeding evacuation Security bars can impede the evacuation of the occupants in case of a fire or even a home invasion. Prior to purchase, it must be ensured that the bars have a release mechanism which is easily operated without requiring tools or a key. Security bars are a simple and cost-effective security measure but check for appealing designs and operation of a release mechanism.