We have an optional method to help rent your vacancy more quickly.

Whilst we show vacancies in person seven days a week, sometimes prospective renters want to see a vacancy immediately and do not want to have to call us to schedule a visit. Often they will see the property from the sign, or see it listed in an ad and visit the property on the outside to see if they like it If they are able to see inside immediately, they are more likely to rent your unit than to rent somewhere else. 

This system allows them to see the property from 6am to 9pm , seven days a week 

With your permission, we can arrange this by installing an electronic lock box at no cost to you. Prospective renters would then be able to enter by providing their credit card information or uploading their ID to verify them and the system tracks when a prospect uses this system. 

We would continue to show your vacancy to prospects who call  or schedule online for an appointment and for additional protection would change the locks when a new tenant moves in, at no additional cost to you. 

We always change the locks before a new tenant moves in once it has been rented so that if a prospective renter made a copy of the key from the lockbox it would not work when the new tenant had moved in.

Please let me know if you would like to use this service. If you agree you can change your mind at any time in the future.