1:SDCPM can  provide you a bid on request a bid to sub-meter the property. If each unit has its own water shut off then it would normally be possible to
   sub-meter use of hot and  cold water.If each unit has its own hot water heater then hot water usage can be submetered.You would still be responsible
   for paying the water bill and tenants would pay us their share, billed monthly based on metered usage.This is normally more cost effective for units properties
   with several units as some of the initial and ongoing costs are fixed and not based on usage.

2:For non-submetered properties SDCPM recommends 
     A: Monthly rental agreements so that if we suspect one tenant is using too much water, we can raise the rent .Raising the rent is not possible during the
         term of a lease .
     B: If water usage increases we
           a:Remind all tenants to converse water, comply with any drought restrictions in place and report immediately any leaks as required in the 
               rental agreement and that failure to do so may result in the tenant being in violation of the agreement. 
           b:Inspect all units for leaks 
     C: To save water , it is recommended that exterior faucets are either capped off or at least locked with a key being provided only to authorized
          Non-tenant personnel