SECURITY DEPOSITS:rebrand.ly/securitydeposit

3: For single family homes and condos:
     A: We normally keep the security deposit paid by the tenant in the owner's trust account so that we have it available for when the                      tenant  moves out as we are required to return to the tenant within 21 days of them moving out less unpaid rent and cleaning and                damages over normal wear and tear.
    B: When we take over management of  your property you do not need to send us the security deposit you received from the tenant as
         we will hold this back from the rents we collect from the tenant and hold this in our trust account until the tenants move out.

4:  For multi-family property, we credit owners with security deposits received from tenants and do not keep them in owners trust account.       We only keep a general property reserve of a fixed amount that is independent of a number of security deposits  paid or received 

5: Tenant's cannot waive their rights regarding time frames mentioned in 1950.5