.DURING EVICTION: rebrand.ly/evictprocess

1: We use the law firm of Kimball, Tirey and St John  SEE "KTS" to process the eviction.

KTS specialize in

Evictions and representing landlords.

2: We send KTS a retainer of $1,100 to start the eviction, which will appear on your monthly financial statement “Eviction retainer”.
      If we do not have $1,100 in your account with us, we will ask you to send us the amount needed before we can  start the eviction. 
      KTS provides us a “$100 preferred client “ discount that we pass on to you.

3: An eviction will cost about $650 and will increase depending on the number of tenants to be served, if the tenant request a  

     Requests a court hearing if a sheriff lockout becomes necessary, as well as other factors but normally does not exceed $1,100

4: If the actual cost is less than the $1,100 we give to the attorney as a retainer, the difference will be credited back to your account


5: If the tenant cannot be served in person, then substituted service is used in which case it is still possible

request judgments for possession and money

6: If we believe an unauthorized adult may be living in the property, we may include a prejudgment claim for possession

7: We normally allow the tenant to stay if they pay at least 50% of the eviction fees and all rent due, using certified         funds (money orders/cashier checks only) and agree in writing to pay the other 50% of eviction fees in 30 days, as  long as there are not other reasons why we should not let them stay.This agreement cancels the eviction process so if the tenant fails to pay the other 50% of the eviction fees we would have to start a new eviction.

8: We will forward your email updates we receive from KTS on the status of the eviction until we have

obtained possession.These updates will include KTS phone# and case#  and will let you know when the

The tenant has been served if the tenant files an answer to the eviction, any trial date if, and scheduled lockout date.


10: It usually takes three to ten weeks to get back legal possession, depending on the factors mentioned in the

flow chart.

11: We check weekly to see if the tenant has moved out and if they have  we can take possession and

change the locks right away

12: If the tenant was already in occupancy when we took over management, we will charge  the  agreed management fee on the rent that was not collected until the tenant has moved out as per the property management agreement.Any management fee charged would  appear on your monthly statement as "Management -Eviction"

13: If the tenant files an answer to the lawsuit and there is a trial, we will attend to you and normally you do

not need to attend.

14; Once we have back possession, we will change the locks and secure the property and send you a detailed

estimate to get the property rent ready.  

15: We will request KTS to obtain a money judgement against the tenant.

16: FYI In 2016 30% of cases in San Diego County went to trial and the reasons given by tenants for contesting              evictions are:Habitability 37%, Defective Notice 12% Waiver of notice 10% Retaliation 8% Discrimination 8% ,           Other 5% No Defense stated 20%