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Tenants can pay online, mail us payment or pay at Walmart in cash/debit card. Detailed policies for tenants are at RENT COLLECTION POLICIES

Delinquent tenants are served a three-day notice to pay rent or quit from the 5th-8th of the month and contacted by phone daily and email to remind them to pay the rent.

When there is a pre-existing lease with a tenant in place we need to follow the terms of the lease even if they differ from below 

Rents not paid in by the 3rd  day of the month are considered LATE and we charge the tenant a LATE FEE.

We first call tenant to give them a “friendly reminder” and if they still do not pay we call them again to let them know that if they do not pay the rent we will start an eviction which will make it difficult for them to rent or buy the property in the future and may result in their bank account being levied, wages garnished or other collection problems. We do not accept partial rent payments.

We recommend tenants not to mail money orders or cashiers check to us because if they get lost, it can take several weeks for a refund to be made to the tenant by the vendor who sells the money orders/cashier's checks.In the event of loss, we require tenants to pay us immediately.

We will send you the rent less our management fee & any agreed expenses on the 4th business day of the month together with a draft statement of the month's income and expense.  If we did not get any rent you will be notified.

You can also run a report on who has not paid rent, using owner web access  at Owner Web Access (OWA), by running the report attached

If the tenant has not paid rent by the 10th of the month and we believe tenant still lives in the unit and has not moved out, we will start the unlawful detainer /eviction process to remove a tenant from your property and notify you to have an eviction has been started.

Instead of doing an eviction, you can request to pay the tenant to move out, though this is not recommended. For details, see cash4keys.sdcpm.com

Reporting tenants to credit bureaus