1: If you would like us to pay you by direct deposit, please complete the following  DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM

2: If you are unable to use this form, you can provide us  a voided check (not a deposit slip) OR

3  Provide us your bank account # and  ROUTING #

4: You can email this to, by fax (619) 453-0486 or mail to San Diego County Property Management
P.O. Box 62242 Irvine, CA 92602

5: We do not charge you an additional fee if you accept direct deposit.

6: Once set up, we will pay you by direct deposit in the future and email a statement showing how much we paid you and how                          the amount was calculated. The money should appear in your bank account the following business day from when we email you this              statement.     

8: FYI To increase your security some bankers recommend that you keep large balances in a separate bank account (eg savings) and                do not use that account for direct deposits.