WHEN CAN I MOVE IN ? movewhen.sdcpm.com

1: Once we have approved your application  you will be able to move in on (or within 30 days after) of the available date showing on our
    vacancy list  under the "AVAIL" Column, see example further below. 
2: The agreed date and time of move in the rental agreements.
3: In the unlikely event that we need to postpone an agreed move in date we will let you know in advance, and if the rental is not ready to move
     in within 15 days of the originally agreed date you will have the option to receive a full refund of any money paid to us for your rent and security
4: At least on adult occupant named on the rental agreement must be present at the move in to receive the keys.
5: If you are on Section 8 you will not be able to move in sooner than two business days after Section 8 inspection has passed and Section 8
    confirm they will pay the requested rent etc. If however you would have qualified to rent the property without needing to use your Section 8
    voucher, then you do not need to wait for Section 8 inspection etc to pass but will have to pay one months rent in full and agree to continue to do 
    so until Section 8 approval is given in which case we will adjust the rent on a pro-rated basis.