If you have one EVICTION/unlawful detainer on your record regardless what your credit score is or that or your roommates, whether you were the tenant or a cosigner (including those that resulted in a judgment or shows a dismissal ,  unless we receive confirmation from the landlord that the eviction was the landlord's error then you will be required to :
  1) Provide a cosigner who:
       a)  Has a FICO score is at least 750, AND  
       b)  Has gross monthly income of at least three times the monthly rent the monthly AND  
       c)  Owns a property in the USAy  AND 
  2) Pay the first three months rent full rent in advance  before you move in.If you are Section 8 this means just your portion of the rent.
  3) Not receive any applicable "move in special."  
  4) Pay a security deposit of twice the monthly rent when you sign the rental agreement. If you are on Section 8
       this means twice the full rent and not just twice your portion of the rent.

If you have more than ONE eviction/unlawful detainer on your record, your application will be denied.

If you claim that the eviction record is in error please send us a letter from your landlord that states the eviction was in error and should never have been started   so we can verify with our credit reporting agency, however if someone else puts a holding deposit before we are able to verify your claim, you will not be able to continue
with the application.