IF APPROVED,WHEN CAN I MOVE IN ?:s.sdcpm.com/moveindate

1: If approved, when  can I move?:  see this link  

2: If you are moving to another  unit  managed by SDCPM 
    A: You will get a credit of two days rent for your new residence, that will be applied to the 2nd month's rent there.
       For example. You move in on  June  10th, 2033. The rent is $1,000 a month.
       You will pay $1,000  rent before move in your next rent payment will be for the period July 12th-30th (Instead of July 10th-30th).

   B: We will add the following clause to the rental agreement for the new unit, using the same example as above 
       "Tenant  agree(s) to move out 123 Jones St, Unit A, San Diego, CA 92102 by 5 pm on Jun 10th  and understand that they do                       agree to pay rent of $1,200 divided by 30 days=$40 per day until they do so and that eviction proceedings against them may                        commence for failure to vacate "