I AM ALREADY RENTING WITH SDCPM: ? s.sdcpm.com/transfer

1: You must apply again unless you applied within the last 30 days and the same policies apply as for a non-SDCPM renters 
   UNLESS Both A and B below apply.
        A: You want to transfer to a property owned by the same owner as your current rental and the rent requested  is not more than 20%                                       higher than your current rent  

        B: The same occupants will be living in the new unit
            Note: If new roommates will be living with you they need to follow rebrand.ly /newroommate.
                    But existing roommates do not need to apply again.

2: If A and B apply in 1 Above then you will be approved to move to the other unit as long as 
    A: You are not past due on any payment to SDCPM 
    B: You have no unresolved rule violation notices

5: How much rent do I have to pay for my current unit once I have given Notice To Vacate? See this link

6: If normally required, do I have to pay an extra security deposit due to my current FICO score 
    not meeting requirements. ? Not unless:
      A: You have been a tenant with SDCPM for less than one year OR
      B: The rent for the new unit you want to rent is more than 50%  higher than the rent you are paying now OR
      C: You have ever been late with your rent with SDCPM OR
      D: You have an unpaid past due non-rent charges due to SDCPM 

7: When should I give "Notice to vacate" from my current residence?
    Once your application has been approved     for the new address, please give immediate NOTICE TO MOVE OUT.
    If you give Notice to vacate before you are  approved, and your application is not approved, you may  Only cancel the notice to vacate with our permission, which we may not always give, therefore, it is not   recommended to give Notice to vacate before you are approved unless you are planning to move out, regardless of being approved or not

8: Tenant does not want to apply because they do not want to run the risk another applicant gets approved first, what should I tell them?
    Tell them to apply right away to improve their chances, but we cannot guarantee someone else will get approved but you can tell them how many
    people have already applied