1.For single family homes, and when requested by property owner, SDCPM will contact the tenants first to let them know you will be representing the owner
   to try to sell the property
2. For occupied, single-family homes
      A:  SDCPM will notify the tenants as stated in MY PROPERTY IS LISTED FOR SALE: 
      B:  If the owner wants the tenants to move out we will serve the required notice to vacate (for example when escrow is opened)
      C: If you need to get a copy of the rental agreement email your request 
      D: If the property goes into escrow we recommend security deposits paid by the  tenant are handled by through escrow.We will notify 
           the tenants how their deposit will be handled.
3. If you need to get keys for the property please call (619) 220-4840 ext 602 to schedule a time to pick them up from our office
4. Once the property has closed escrow
      A: Please email and call (619) 220-4840 
      B: If SDCPM is paying for utilities for the property owner, we will arrange for services to be removed from the property owners name 
      C: If the property is still occupied by tenants please email the contact information for the new landlord so we can notify